Office 2013 gives you the possibility to add multiple OneDrive accounts. Which is awesome! But by default it gives your OneDrive account the name “OneDrive – Personal”.

Strange enough, I couldn’t find a way to modify this and 2 accounts with the same name isn’t very clear…

fortunately this “DisplayName” is not very hard to find in the registry. Just open regedit.exe click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER and right mouse click > find “Onedrive – Personal”. With a little it of luck your first match is the one you need! Take in note that you choose the one with the correct email address.

2015-03-22 12_25_48-Registry EditorIn my case, the path was something like this:


Unfortunately (for the system administrators) the key contains some weird connection strings and seems hard to automate…

Modify the value of this key the way you want:

2015-03-22 12_33_01-Registry EditorTadaaaaa, you’ve got a real personal modified OneDrive connection:

2015-03-22 12_35_51-Word