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PowerShell – Passing all function parameters via 1 config object using splatting a hastable

Do you ever write a function with so many parameters that it reaches the right end of your screen? In that case, putting all parameters in 1 object might be a usefull replacement, right? Powershell supports a method to achieve exactly that! It is called splatting. We create a PowerShell hastable and put all parameters in […]

PowerShell – How to execute PowerShell code before and after a given scriptblock

I hope the description was clear enough to understand what i mean 🙂 As a programmer or “scripter” you really want to copy/paste as less as possible and keep the code clean. This reduces the chance of failures/bugs and much more readable. For this reason you have to use functions when code is used more than […]

PowerShell – How to compare array with an other array using wildcards

If you want to find items in an array using a single string, you can use wildcards to match that item. Example:

PowerShell – How to run Exchange powershell commands from a regular PowerShell window

What if you want to execute Exchange commands/Cmdlets from a script? Or you just hate the ugly Exchange management shell (like me) and want to use the regular (blue) PowerShell window?

PowerShell – How to check for open port without telnet!

What if you want to check for open ports on a server, but you don’t have telnet installed on your management server? Yes! Use PowerShell! But how?

PowerShell – How to create a .NET DataTable and save it to XML file

I use PowerShell a lot. Sometimes to automate something with a script but often just to get some data. Export my results to a csv (Export-CSV) for example not always gets the result you want. Create your own table and you are more in control export it to a XML file and your ready to […]

How to view currently locked out users with powershell

Unfortunately Windows Server 2008 can’t show you if a user is currently locked or not. But the advantage of that is you finally have to learn Powershell 🙂

Mail enable existing security group

GUI I was asked to give an existing security group permissions to a new mail enabled public folder in exchange 2010. After searching for the right group in the GUI of Exchange 2010 I noticed that couldn’t find the right group.

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