How to rename an OneDrive account in Office 2013

Office 2013 gives you the possibility to add multiple OneDrive accounts. Which is awesome! But by default it gives your OneDrive account the name “OneDrive – Personal”.

How to enable Disk performance monitoring and view in Task Manager

Ensure Task Manager is closed. Launch the Command Prompt using the “Run as Administrator” option. Enter the following at the Command Prompt:

How turn on your Dell server using a script (with iDrac and Putty)

Because I have a lab environment at home, I turn off my server when I’m ready playing. To turn on my server again, I need to open my browser, go to the iDrac page, logon, go to the Power Management page and click on the right button…

Ignore DHCP on RES Workspace Manager 2012 Client

If you want to bypass the configuration of the RES Workspace Manager 2012 agent on  a client (which is given by DHCP). Please read the following instruction: To set a specific Agent to ignore the DHCP information, set the registry key: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\RES\Workspace Manager\DisableDHCP in the registry of the Agent, with value “True”, “yes” or “1”. […]

Windows 7 registry keys every IT guy should know

Some registry keys are always hard to find in the huge and mysterious registry… Therefore I decided to write them down and share them with you. If you have any “must have” suggestions. Please send them to me! The famous “User Profile List”. If you need to delete a user profile, don’t forget to delete […]

PowerShell – How to create a .NET DataTable and save it to XML file

I use PowerShell a lot. Sometimes to automate something with a script but often just to get some data. Export my results to a csv (Export-CSV) for example not always gets the result you want. Create your own table and you are more in control export it to a XML file and your ready to […]

PowerShell – How to determine (highest) installed .NET version

If you’re building a PowerShell script and you would like to know at what .NET version a computer is… It’s kinda tricky a think… The installed .NET versions are written in the registry, but not particularly in a way that’s easy to read/script for us. The following code returns a string with the version of […]

Citrix Xenapp/XenDesktop Ports

Here you find some of the basic communication ports used by Citrix Xenapp/XenDesktop:

Running results

Some of my running results:

How to disable the url prompt at logon with Citrix Receiver 3.4

Create/deploy the following “Current User” key to disable the “Url/Email Popup’” from the Citrix Receiver: (you can paste the following text in notepad and save it as .reg to create an executable registry file) Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Receiver] “SuppressURLPromptAtLogin”=dword:00000001      

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