The independent research initiative Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) released a new free white paper about the relative impact of Microsoft Office on the performance of VDI based user environments.

The objective of this new white paper was to investigate and document the performance impact of Microsoft Office 2013 on VDI environments in comparison with the previous two versions of Microsoft Office, 2007 and 2010.

Project VRC executed the tests with the newest version of Login VSI: 4.0, which offers a very high level of test realism.

The comparison of Office 2013 with the previous two versions showed a VDI performance decrease of 20%. This suggests that to maintain the same performance levels with the newest version of Microsoft Office, about 20% more infrastructure capacity may be needed.

Project VRC also detected that Office 2013 consistently uses more CPU and over 272% more memory than Office 2007. In comparison, Office 2010 only uses 26% more memory.

The exact impact of Office 2013 will be different in each production environment. Project VRC strongly recommends to test the impact of this and all other changes in your own centralized end user environment before production roll-out.

Read the press release orĀ download this new white paper for free

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