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Powershell – Clear required PXE deployment for SCCM device

First of all, you can do all this with the console. If you can, just do it. But I Always try to automate my work and when I create a new Citrix image i need to clear the PXE for my server before I can start a new deployment. I ran into some errors which […]

PowerShell – Passing all function parameters via 1 config object using splatting a hastable

Do you ever write a function with so many parameters that it reaches the right end of your screen? In that case, putting all parameters in 1 object might be a usefull replacement, right? Powershell supports a method to achieve exactly that! It is called splatting. We create a PowerShell hastable and put all parameters in […]

PowerShell – How to colorize a datatable or custom object with PowerShell

Unfortunatly I did not find a way to colorize a table without using Write-Host. This would be very awesome and would safe a lot of code. The problem with outputting tekst to the console with Write-Host is that you can’t use the automatic width of the columns. To fix that I calculated the width of […]

PowerShell – How to check for open port without telnet!

What if you want to check for open ports on a server, but you don’t have telnet installed on your management server? Yes! Use PowerShell! But how?

Ignore DHCP on RES Workspace Manager 2012 Client

If you want to bypass the configuration of the RES Workspace Manager 2012 agent on  a client (which is given by DHCP). Please read the following instruction: To set a specific Agent to ignore the DHCP information, set the registry key: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\RES\Workspace Manager\DisableDHCP in the registry of the Agent, with value “True”, “yes” or “1”. […]

Windows 7 registry keys every IT guy should know

Some registry keys are always hard to find in the huge and mysterious registry… Therefore I decided to write them down and share them with you. If you have any “must have” suggestions. Please send them to me! The famous “User Profile List”. If you need to delete a user profile, don’t forget to delete […]

PowerShell – How to create a .NET DataTable and save it to XML file

I use PowerShell a lot. Sometimes to automate something with a script but often just to get some data. Export my results to a csv (Export-CSV) for example not always gets the result you want. Create your own table and you are more in control export it to a XML file and your ready to […]

PowerShell – How to determine (highest) installed .NET version

If you’re building a PowerShell script and you would like to know at what .NET version a computer is… It’s kinda tricky a think… The installed .NET versions are written in the registry, but not particularly in a way that’s easy to read/script for us. The following code returns a string with the version of […]

Project VRC: Microsoft Office 2013 needs 20% more VDI capacity

The independent research initiative Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) released a new free white paper about the relative impact of Microsoft Office on the performance of VDI based user environments. The objective of this new white paper was to investigate and document the performance impact of Microsoft Office 2013 on VDI environments in comparison with […]

70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012

Last friday I successfully passed the exam 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012. This exam counts towards “MCSA: Windows Server 2012”. Only one to go!

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